Somadina returns with new single, ‘Supersoma’

Somadina returns with new single Supersoma

Somadina, known for her sultry vocals, brings us a new single SUPERSOMA. Describing the track as more than a single, but a theme, the listeners are immediately aware that the singer is not holding back.

Somadina describes herself as “a fucking superhero”, and you can’t help but agree. On a GMK production, she tells us how great she is, but we love her because she backs her positively narcissistic lyrics with pure talent. In the sense that it’s an ode to oneself, in an encouraging & powerful way.

“I think it’s the best theme song in the world and the best way to start your morning.”

The young superstar is only just beginning, and we can’t wait to see what she brings as she continues to grow in the confidence and knowledge of her talent.


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